Resources & Links

This is where you will find resources to help learn and grow

Permaculture Groups and Organisations

Permaculture Principles - Great educational website with excellent outline of the Permaculture design principles

Permaculture International Limited - Australia's peak Permaculture organisation

Permaculture Research Institute - home of the amazing Geoff Lawton

Holmgren Design - inspirational site of Permaculture's co-founder David Holmgren

Australian Felix Permaculture - the awesome Darren Doherty's site

Permaforest Trust - Centre for Sustainability Education

Milkwood Permaculture - Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar's educational and design consultancy … also have a look at their great resource and blog site

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre - Robyn Francis, a real leader in Permaculture education

Permaculture groups in the Sydney and Surrounding regions

Our own blog and bragging site - go here to add your own pics and videos and join the fun

Permaculture South our local south of the harbour Permaculture association (site is under construction)

Permaculture North - Australia's (and the world's) largest community Permaculture group.

Permaculture Sydney West - our mates in the western parts of Sydney doing their Permaculture bit for the planet

Blue Mountains Permaculture Network - a great group of enthusiastic and experienced Permaculture people

Permaculture St George and Sutherland Shire - our brothers and sisters starting the revolution in the southern suburbs of Sydney

Other Organisations

Live Local Website add your own living local experiment for all to see and see the prolific posts from our own stalwart and super blogger Gregory John Olsen Esq.

Good Life Book Club A great range of books on every aspect of sustainable living and self-reliance

OzHarvest - Rescuing Food for Charity (A wonderful way to practice Permaculture Principle # 3 - share the surplus)

Greenharvest - Everything for the Organic Gardener

Green Shopping UK - great books, dvds etc - site associated with the British Permaculture Magazine

Diggers Club - Seeds etc

Lettuce Deliver - organic home delivery - also has organic seeds

Seed Savers Network

Randwick Community Organic Garden

Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network

Transition Sydney - start your own Transition Town in your neighbourhood!

Guerrilla Gardening Organisation (UK)

Green Guerrillas (New York)

Locavore - Locavore creates personalised vegetable gardens together with a local produce delivery service - cool!

Fact Sheets etc

Permaculture Course Modules by Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns movement

Permaculture Fact Sheet.pdf

Companion Planting Poster.pdf

Sustainability Fact Sheets (PDF) from the Watershed

Attracting birds to your garden -, a great site with very good information

Plants to attract native fauna more excellent information on making your backyard native-friendly

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